Digital Storys

je nny

After learning about blogs and digital story’s I remembered an old blog I had made when I was in high school. My blog was on tumblr and it was kind of a photography blog. I loved taking photos but had nothing to do with them so I started sharing them and getting advice. I don’t have many of my pictures still around but I have this one of my dog Jenny that was really cute so I thought I’d share it. I never really realized that by taking these pictures and sharing them that I was telling my story. I would take my camera almost everywhere with me and by doing this you could tell in my photos where I am in my life and who I’m with. For example I used to take photos with my cat and people loved him but he died and so there were no more photos of him and people noticed and asked. I think this was a really creative way to show my story because even though I wasn’t trying to tell a story I was just doing something I liked, in the end I was telling a story.


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