Social Media


When you post on social media you are telling a story. Usually people will post about their lives and new events that happened or are going to happen. Sometimes people post sad posts and sometimes they post happy posts. They also can share photos they like or that they want people to know about. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at there social media pages. Twitter is a really great example of this because people post to twitter often and its easy to see a story. Another interesting thing about social media is that some TV shows and movies are making twitter accounts for there characters like the show “Community”. This is a creative and funny way to keep the viewers involved and interacting with the characters. It also makes you feel like the characters are real and when you see these tweets it reminds you about there show and the characters you love and so you wont forget to keep watching. This is a very unique way of story telling because we don’t think about a TV show continuing to social media but yet its really convenient to check on what your favourite characters are doing and learn more about them in a way we are used to with normal people. It starts to make people feel like that are part of the same world their character is in. In conclusion, social media can be a great way to tell a story and get your viewers interacting and engaging in your story or show.


The Johnny Cash Project


The Johnny Cash Project┬áis a project I learned about in class. It was directed by Chris Milk and the production company that made it is called What the video is, is a bunch of drawings that regular people made and submitted. When it came out you could go to the website and pick one of three photos and then you would get to draw it in black and white. You can trace it or just draw your own version. You can pick the size of your brush, thickness and colour. Once the site got enough people to make drawings they put together all the best drawings and made their own story. This is a really creative digital story because even though it is already a song with a video, the fans were able to make it new, different and creative. This is a very user based experience because the fans did everything here and anyone could contribute. Even if your drawing was only shown for a second you feel connected and that you contributed. It’s a really nice and unique way for fans to connect and get a digital story out that shows their love and memory for Johnny Cash. It is really creative because I have never seen anything like it and I love it. It shows so many people’s views on Johnny Cash and all the pictures are different yet it flows so smoothly when you watch the final video. In conclusion, the Johnny Cash Project is a creative user based story.



Music is usually not thought of as a story. Although all songs tell a story. Just like movies or TV shows or video games, songs are a digital story. Songs have lyrics so it’s kind of like a short movie with just sound. They can be repetitive but they get a message across like a movie. The message can be plain like a guy singing about how he was heart broken like many songs are. Or it can have a deeper message like ones about fighting wars and death. No matter what a song is about it is still clearly a story. Even songs without lyrics can still tell a story. Listen to the sounds of a song without words. It can start off soft and quiet and then maybe half-way through it gets loud and intense and then ends softly. That could be a story about something happy that turns tragic and then everything works out in the end as it turns soft again.Or maybe a song starts off loud and intense and then gets scary as it goes on and then ends. This could be a story about something tragic that gets worse and worse and then ends. Why did it end? Did someone die?. This is where you can kind of figure out your own story. How does the music make you feel? It’s kind of a user based experience if you think about it. In conclusion, music is a digital story.

Video Games


People don’t usually think of video games as a story. They just see it as a repetitive or pointless game but all video games tell a story. Some stories are move obvious like the story mode in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I used this as an example because it is relativity new game. In the game there is a lot of shooting but there is still a story. It is based in the future where you are a solider fighting a terrorist group that is against technology. Not only are video games stories but they are very interactive stories.

There are so many if/then moments in video games. A lot can get you killed but some will advance you in the game which adds to how interactive the story is. It also makes people more willing to listen and play so they can advance the story and continue it and the game. To prove that all games tell a story, my other example is an old game, Pac-Man. In the Pac-Man games the story is you’re trying to eat all the dots and hide from the ghosts. The story here isn’t very big but it is still a story. It is also still very interactive. In conclusion video games are a very creative digital format because you have thousands of if/then moments and yet you still have an interesting story line that you want to keep watching.

Fraytag Pyramid


The fraytag pyramid is a pyramid that shows the outline of almost all movies. It shows how a plot unfolds. Almost all movies start off slow to start off the movie, they often show some background of the characters and just set up a scene. For example I’ll use 2 totally different story’s to compare. My movies will be Psycho and The Dark Knight because they are my 2 favourites. The Dark Knight starts with a bank robbery explaining who the Joker is and then you see who the Joker is, introducing the villain. In psycho a girl robs her work and then runs away and rents a car, introducing her. Then something small happens called the “inciting incident” for my examples this is when in Psycho you see Norman has a hole in the wall to watch his guests. In The Dark Knight this is when Joker starts working with the mobs of Gotham. The rising action is leading up to the climax so all the little events. In Psycho it is when the girl is killed and they start investigating. In Dark Knight it is when Joker reveals hes going after Harvey Dent. Then the climax, the most interesting thing. When Harvey turns evil, when then investigator finds Normans mom dead. Then the story slowed unfolds, we learn whats wrong with Norman and Joker fails at his boat experiment. The resolution: Joker and Norman are put behind bars. The rest of the story just slowly ends like how Norman explains himself behind bars and Harvey dies/batman lets them blame him. In conclusion the fraytag pyramid is the outline to every story.