Another form or digital story telling is vlogging. This is when you have a video blog where you can talk about your life and stuff. This is really creative because you can just vent and I think its different from how people used to blog as text like this. I have watched a few people who vlog and know some people who do. They tell stories of their lives and you can watch them grow. vlogging is a perfect example of a digital story and some are really long and some are really interesting, it’s all a story. Most vlogs are reality but some are fake for advertising or just for money but they are all still story’s. This is a creative way of telling a story because it’s kind of like a TV show. You get to go inside a persons thoughts and you can watch as many episodes as you want. Most often I see people with blogs on Youtube because it is an easy way to share videos and it is organized. You have your own page where people can follow you. They can also see new videos you put up on the top of their home page. I think Youtube is a very good website for vloggers and that there are a lot of interesting vlogs on there.


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