Music is usually not thought of as a story. Although all songs tell a story. Just like movies or TV shows or video games, songs are a digital story. Songs have lyrics so it’s kind of like a short movie with just sound. They can be repetitive but they get a message across like a movie. The message can be plain like a guy singing about how he was heart broken like many songs are. Or it can have a deeper message like ones about fighting wars and death. No matter what a song is about it is still clearly a story. Even songs without lyrics can still tell a story. Listen to the sounds of a song without words. It can start off soft and quiet and then maybe half-way through it gets loud and intense and then ends softly. That could be a story about something happy that turns tragic and then everything works out in the end as it turns soft again.Or maybe a song starts off loud and intense and then gets scary as it goes on and then ends. This could be a story about something tragic that gets worse and worse and then ends. Why did it end? Did someone die?. This is where you can kind of figure out your own story. How does the music make you feel? It’s kind of a user based experience if you think about it. In conclusion, music is a digital story.


User Based Interactive Story’s

play dead After learning about interactive story’s that the user chooses I remembered a good example form one of my favourite TV shows. The show is walking dead. Its a post-apocalyptic TV show about a group of diverse individuals struggling to survive but kicking ass. The show has become so popular and widely known that they now have a second show that comes on after called Talking Dead. Talking Dead is a talk show where they interview the actors and ask them questions that the viewers sent in or ask right to them or call in. This is a user based story because we get to ask the questions. This season has become even more user based with this new feature I love called play dead. It is where during the show you can go on your phone to and they will have a few live polls like “Who would you like to see brought back to life: Dale or Lori” and then you have 10 seconds to vote and the results will show live on the TV screen. They also have a quiz about the episode you just watched and you play it live and have a few seconds to answer each question on your phone and the quickest and highest scores will show up on the show along with your username. This is very user based and fun because we control what they talk about. We also all get a voice in this show and all our opinions counts. This is why I think Talking Dead is a great user based show that also tells a digital story.