Social Media


When you post on social media you are telling a story. Usually people will post about their lives and new events that happened or are going to happen. Sometimes people post sad posts and sometimes they post happy posts. They also can share photos they like or that they want people to know about. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at there social media pages. Twitter is a really great example of this because people post to twitter often and its easy to see a story. Another interesting thing about social media is that some TV shows and movies are making twitter accounts for there characters like the show “Community”. This is a creative and funny way to keep the viewers involved and interacting with the characters. It also makes you feel like the characters are real and when you see these tweets it reminds you about there show and the characters you love and so you wont forget to keep watching. This is a very unique way of story telling because we don’t think about a TV show continuing to social media but yet its really convenient to check on what your favourite characters are doing and learn more about them in a way we are used to with normal people. It starts to make people feel like that are part of the same world their character is in. In conclusion, social media can be a great way to tell a story and get your viewers interacting and engaging in your story or show.