The Johnny Cash Project


The Johnny Cash Project┬áis a project I learned about in class. It was directed by Chris Milk and the production company that made it is called What the video is, is a bunch of drawings that regular people made and submitted. When it came out you could go to the website and pick one of three photos and then you would get to draw it in black and white. You can trace it or just draw your own version. You can pick the size of your brush, thickness and colour. Once the site got enough people to make drawings they put together all the best drawings and made their own story. This is a really creative digital story because even though it is already a song with a video, the fans were able to make it new, different and creative. This is a very user based experience because the fans did everything here and anyone could contribute. Even if your drawing was only shown for a second you feel connected and that you contributed. It’s a really nice and unique way for fans to connect and get a digital story out that shows their love and memory for Johnny Cash. It is really creative because I have never seen anything like it and I love it. It shows so many people’s views on Johnny Cash and all the pictures are different yet it flows so smoothly when you watch the final video. In conclusion, the Johnny Cash Project is a creative user based story.