Video Games


People don’t usually think of video games as a story. They just see it as a repetitive or pointless game but all video games tell a story. Some stories are move obvious like the story mode in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I used this as an example because it is relativity new game. In the game there is a lot of shooting but there is still a story. It is based in the future where you are a solider fighting a terrorist group that is against technology. Not only are video games stories but they are very interactive stories.

There are so many if/then moments in video games. A lot can get you killed but some will advance you in the game which adds to how interactive the story is. It also makes people more willing to listen and play so they can advance the story and continue it and the game. To prove that all games tell a story, my other example is an old game, Pac-Man. In the Pac-Man games the story is you’re trying to eat all the dots and hide from the ghosts. The story here isn’t very big but it is still a story. It is also still very interactive. In conclusion video games are a very creative digital format because you have thousands of if/then moments and yet you still have an interesting story line that you want to keep watching.