Fraytag Pyramid


The fraytag pyramid is a pyramid that shows the outline of almost all movies. It shows how a plot unfolds. Almost all movies start off slow to start off the movie, they often show some background of the characters and just set up a scene. For example I’ll use 2 totally different story’s to compare. My movies will be Psycho and The Dark Knight because they are my 2 favourites. The Dark Knight starts with a bank robbery explaining who the Joker is and then you see who the Joker is, introducing the villain. In psycho a girl robs her work and then runs away and rents a car, introducing her. Then something small happens called the “inciting incident” for my examples this is when in Psycho you see Norman has a hole in the wall to watch his guests. In The Dark Knight this is when Joker starts working with the mobs of Gotham. The rising action is leading up to the climax so all the little events. In Psycho it is when the girl is killed and they start investigating. In Dark Knight it is when Joker reveals hes going after Harvey Dent. Then the climax, the most interesting thing. When Harvey turns evil, when then investigator finds Normans mom dead. Then the story slowed unfolds, we learn whats wrong with Norman and Joker fails at his boat experiment. The resolution: Joker and Norman are put behind bars. The rest of the story just slowly ends like how Norman explains himself behind bars and Harvey dies/batman lets them blame him. In conclusion the fraytag pyramid is the outline to every story.


If/Then Books


If then stories are stories where you can take different paths. You read them like a normal book up until you have a choice where it will say if you want to do this flip`to page so and so or flip to a different page if you choose the other option. These can be in books, online games or even videos. Some videos on Youtube will say click here or here to do this or that. Once you pick enough options the game will be over but you can jump back to your last step. I put up a picture of a book I read when I was little. It is a goosebumps if/then story about being trapped in a evil carnival. It was the first time I ever heard of this choose your path idea. I loved it and I would go threw all the options. I think this is a great user based idea to tell a story because I’ll often be watching something and think wow that character is so stupid he should have done this or that. This is a unique way to give the reader or viewers more options. I think it also makes people more interested in the topic because its like they are writing it. Over all I love the if/then story idea because its unique and gets the views involved.

User Based Interactive Story’s

play dead After learning about interactive story’s that the user chooses I remembered a good example form one of my favourite TV shows. The show is walking dead. Its a post-apocalyptic TV show about a group of diverse individuals struggling to survive but kicking ass. The show has become so popular and widely known that they now have a second show that comes on after called Talking Dead. Talking Dead is a talk show where they interview the actors and ask them questions that the viewers sent in or ask right to them or call in. This is a user based story because we get to ask the questions. This season has become even more user based with this new feature I love called play dead. It is where during the show you can go on your phone to and they will have a few live polls like “Who would you like to see brought back to life: Dale or Lori” and then you have 10 seconds to vote and the results will show live on the TV screen. They also have a quiz about the episode you just watched and you play it live and have a few seconds to answer each question on your phone and the quickest and highest scores will show up on the show along with your username. This is very user based and fun because we control what they talk about. We also all get a voice in this show and all our opinions counts. This is why I think Talking Dead is a great user based show that also tells a digital story.



Another form or digital story telling is vlogging. This is when you have a video blog where you can talk about your life and stuff. This is really creative because you can just vent and I think its different from how people used to blog as text like this. I have watched a few people who vlog and know some people who do. They tell stories of their lives and you can watch them grow. vlogging is a perfect example of a digital story and some are really long and some are really interesting, it’s all a story. Most vlogs are reality but some are fake for advertising or just for money but they are all still story’s. This is a creative way of telling a story because it’s kind of like a TV show. You get to go inside a persons thoughts and you can watch as many episodes as you want. Most often I see people with blogs on Youtube because it is an easy way to share videos and it is organized. You have your own page where people can follow you. They can also see new videos you put up on the top of their home page. I think Youtube is a very good website for vloggers and that there are a lot of interesting vlogs on there.

Digital Storys

je nny

After learning about blogs and digital story’s I remembered an old blog I had made when I was in high school. My blog was on tumblr and it was kind of a photography blog. I loved taking photos but had nothing to do with them so I started sharing them and getting advice. I don’t have many of my pictures still around but I have this one of my dog Jenny that was really cute so I thought I’d share it. I never really realized that by taking these pictures and sharing them that I was telling my story. I would take my camera almost everywhere with me and by doing this you could tell in my photos where I am in my life and who I’m with. For example I used to take photos with my cat and people loved him but he died and so there were no more photos of him and people noticed and asked. I think this was a really creative way to show my story because even though I wasn’t trying to tell a story I was just doing something I liked, in the end I was telling a story.

SAW (2004)

saw-1-2004 I’m writing about a movie I recently watched that I didn’t think I’d like but It turns out I loved it. The movie is SAW, it came out in 2004 and it was directed by James Wan. SAW was an independent horror film filmed on a low budget. I never thought I would have liked SAW because from the name and from what I heard about the film. I thought it would just be a blood and gut show with no plot. I was very surprised about how wrong I was when I finally watched this movie. It is now easily one of my favourite horror movies along with psycho. I wanted to make my first blog post about this movie because it is so misunderstood and so are the SAW franchise fans. Saw may have some bloody and gruesome scenes but the movies are about pushing human nature and seeing how far people will go to stay alive or save their family’s.

The first movie is filmed almost entirely inside of an old abandoned washroom underground. The movie starts with two men waking up chained by one of their legs to the wall on either sides of the room with a dead body in the middle. They must figure out why they are there and how to escape. The killer has left tapes with clues recorded on them for the hostages to listen to. They find out that Gordon (one of the hostages) must kill Adam (the other hostage) In order to be freed before the timer runs out. If Gordon fails to kill Adam in time then they both die along with Gordon’s wife and daughter who are being held as hostages elsewhere. There are 2 very weak rusted saws in the room. One near to Adam and one next to Gordon. Adam fiercely try’s to saw through his chain but the saw quickly breaks. The killer Jigsaw gives Gordon an easy way to kill Adam by giving him a regular cigarette and a poisonous cigarette and telling him to give the poisonous one to Adam. Gordon instead tells Adam to pretend to die and tosses him the normal cigarette. This plan fails because the killer shocks Adam through the chain attached to his leg and Adam jumps up. When the timer runs out Gordon gets a call from his wife saying “gameover” followed by the sounds of bullets going off. Gordon then snaps and starts to saw through his own leg to free himself. Adam watches in horror and then Gordon craws over to Adam and tells him he’s going to find help (scene in the picture Gordon left and Adam right) and then drags himself out the door. This was my favourite scene because it was so emotional. Gordon a normal everyday man snapping and doing something he didn’t think he was capable of in an attempt to save a loved one. Then you see Adam and he is terrified to watch a man saw his own body part off with no pain killers then craw towards him. At this point Gordon is not Gordon anymore and Adam should be scared because if he could do that to himself what is he coming to do to you? But when Gordon comes over he looks so pale and sick and he holds on to Adam to prop himself up and tells Adam he will save him. Adam looks down but the expression on his face says it all. We can see he’s scared and horrified and crying and just clings to Gordon hoping someone will come back for him. Scared to let go of Gordon in case he is the last face he will ever see. Adam then watches Gordon drags himself away.

I cant say anymore about the film without spoiling it but the movie is full of plot twists and you really get attached to the characters. I would recommend this movie to anyone it really messes with your head and emotions. Another reason why I love this film so much is because it was filmed with such a low budget and still managed to have 7 sequels and be such a hit. Its very inspiring to me because I plan on becoming a director in the future myself.