Fraytag Pyramid


The fraytag pyramid is a pyramid that shows the outline of almost all movies. It shows how a plot unfolds. Almost all movies start off slow to start off the movie, they often show some background of the characters and just set up a scene. For example I’ll use 2 totally different story’s to compare. My movies will be Psycho and The Dark Knight because they are my 2 favourites. The Dark Knight starts with a bank robbery explaining who the Joker is and then you see who the Joker is, introducing the villain. In psycho a girl robs her work and then runs away and rents a car, introducing her. Then something small happens called the “inciting incident” for my examples this is when in Psycho you see Norman has a hole in the wall to watch his guests. In The Dark Knight this is when Joker starts working with the mobs of Gotham. The rising action is leading up to the climax so all the little events. In Psycho it is when the girl is killed and they start investigating. In Dark Knight it is when Joker reveals hes going after Harvey Dent. Then the climax, the most interesting thing. When Harvey turns evil, when then investigator finds Normans mom dead. Then the story slowed unfolds, we learn whats wrong with Norman and Joker fails at his boat experiment. The resolution: Joker and Norman are put behind bars. The rest of the story just slowly ends like how Norman explains himself behind bars and Harvey dies/batman lets them blame him. In conclusion the fraytag pyramid is the outline to every story.


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