If/Then Books


If then stories are stories where you can take different paths. You read them like a normal book up until you have a choice where it will say if you want to do this flip`to page so and so or flip to a different page if you choose the other option. These can be in books, online games or even videos. Some videos on Youtube will say click here or here to do this or that. Once you pick enough options the game will be over but you can jump back to your last step. I put up a picture of a book I read when I was little. It is a goosebumps if/then story about being trapped in a evil carnival. It was the first time I ever heard of this choose your path idea. I loved it and I would go threw all the options. I think this is a great user based idea to tell a story because I’ll often be watching something and think wow that character is so stupid he should have done this or that. This is a unique way to give the reader or viewers more options. I think it also makes people more interested in the topic because its like they are writing it. Over all I love the if/then story idea because its unique and gets the views involved.


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